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Time to start holiday planning?

International leisure travel to green list countries started again this week. Some of you may be eagerly looking for bargains, some of you may be hanging back waiting to see when more countries will be added to the green list.

Whatever your approach, it seems face masks are still going to play an important role in the fight against Covid this Summer. The majority of holiday destinations have lower vaccination rates than the UK and most are currently still requiring masks to be worn in public places. Airlines are also still requiring masks to be worn in airports and on planes.

For maximum peace of mind we recommend packing our double protection self-sterilising ViralOff mask. Not only does it filter out any airborne nasties with over 99% filtration, the ViralOff treatment reduces all viruses by 99% over the course of a typical 2 hour flight. Meaning you can take a well earned snooze, safe in the knowledge that you're protected from any bugs that may have sneaked onto the flight.

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