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The most common ways we are wearing masks incorrectly

The Guardian ran a tongue-in-cheek article this week about the many ways people are 'mis-wearing' masks. Do you recognise yourself in any of the following?:

The Trapdoor - cutting a hole for drinking and eating

The Tickler - wearing the mask beneath your nose

The Nosepatch - freeing up the mouth so to make lipreading possible

The Earring - dangling off the ear

The Michael Eavis - the neckbeard configuration

Holey-moley - throwing a scarf over your nose and mouth

It also talks about the effectiveness of visors, saying that they are designed as spray protectors, so that if someone coughs in your face, it will protect you against the really big droplets – but smaller droplets can still be carried in the air, and under the visor.

Suffice to say, the article concludes that masks work by catching small respiratory droplets that you exhale, and so the more of these your mask can catch, the more effective it will be. We may be getting more used to wearing masks, but we still need to be very careful HOW we wear them.

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