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Masks Will Continue to Play a Role in Fight Against Covid

With the roadmap out of lockdown well and truly underway, some of you may be wondering whether face masks still have a role in protecting against Covid.

At Cradle we strongly believe that society will learn to live with Covid as we do with flu and that masks will continue to play an important role in protecting us when it's impossible to stay socially distanced (e.g. on public transport). 

As such we thought it would be worth highlighting a recent study by Duke University in the US into the most effective types of face mask. 

Researchers from  tested 14 different face coverings to see which type was most effective at limiting the spread of droplets. 

The best face coverings tested were N95 (or KN95) masks without valves, with surgical masks also performing well. However neither of these mask types can be washed/reused and so contribute to the colossal non-recyclable plastic waste/pollution problem caused by masks. 

Handmade cotton face coverings provided “good coverage”, the researchers said, “eliminating a substantial amount of the spray from normal speech”, but they do not protect the wearer from the COVID-19 virus.  

Even worse, bandanas, balaclavas or snoods, didn’t do much at all to block the droplets, in fact, wearing a neck fleece (or snood) as a face covering could actually increase your risk of spreading coronavirus, new research suggests. Meanwhile wearing a scarf or bandana offers “very little” help to stop the spread of Covid-19. 

See Link: Why You Shouldn't Wear A Snood Or Scarf As A Face Covering | HuffPost UK Life (huffingtonpost.co.uk) 

Unfortunately Duke University's study started before Cradle’s self-sterilising ViralOff mask hit the market but we're sure it would have taken top billing. It is one of the few masks that meets FFP2/KN95 standard, even maintaining a filtration level of 96.8% of particles as small as 0.3 microns after 5 machine washes at 60oC. In addition, Cradle’s mask provides double protection with Polygiene  ViralOff treatment that eliminates 99% of viruses over a period of two hours. It's also reusable and washable so it's friendly for the environment!

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