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Masks in shops 'must be compulsory', London mayor says

Sadiq Khan is pushing for face coverings to be made mandatory in shops and confined public spaces, and has written to the prime minister to say the UK is "lagging behind other countries" as masks become "increasingly important" in the fight against Coronavirus.

Mr Khan also wrote that scientific evidence showed masks "can help slow the spread of the coronavirus".

The mayor said Londoners have been compliant in wearing masks, with a "high proportion of passengers" on public transport using them.

"With non-essential shops now opening and the public returning to our high streets, I urge the government to follow WHO guidance and make these coverings mandatory," he said.

Masks are now mandatory on public transport and in hospitals, while the government recommends their use when distancing is not possible.

Shoppers in Austria, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain must now wear masks.

The government has not commented.

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