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Disposable Face Masks Becoming a Major Environmental Threat

With three million now being used every minute across the globe, the massive increase in use of disposable face masks over the past year has caused a catastrophic spike in plastic pollution.

Environmental concerns demand that we replace disposable masks with a more long-term and less polluting alternative such as reusable washable masks, however most of the cloth masks on the market do not meet the filtration standards of FFP2 or KN95 masks. It's a Catch 22 situation - do you prioritise the environment or anti-virus protection?

Cradle has the solution. Our new three-layer reusable face mask meets the FFP2 standard of 95% filtration and in addition is treated with Polygiene ViralOff, a ground-breaking new silver chloride treatment proven to eliminate over 99% of viruses (including all strains and mutations of Covid-19) within two hours.

This ground-breaking new self sterilising face mask offers the best possible protection on the market and it's better for the environment!

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