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Cradle's view on voluntary face masks

The British government has announced that covid restrictions will be lifted from 19 July - great news for everyone - however there is consternation in some quarters about abandoning rules on the wearing of face masks.

The government wants to leave it up to transport operators and retailers to decide whether to continue enforcing rules on wearing face masks after 19 July. However a massive 71% of the public want mask wearing to remain compulsory on public transport and in shops (according to a recent YouGov survey).

It seems that masks are here to stay as they are going to play an important role in protecting the public as Covid restrictions are relaxed.

We spoke to our medical consultant Dr Iain Ashworth to get his view:

"It's great news that covid restrictions are finally being relaxed and reassuring to know that most people want to continue wearing masks. However I still worry that his change in the rules may result in large numbers of the public abandoning the wearing of masks in public with potentially disastrous results for the spread of the Delta variant.

My considered opinion is that the use of face coverings is exerting a two pronged attack on the spread of this respiratory viral pathogen. Medical evidence indicates that the individual is protected to a high degree by the wearing of a high filtration FFP2 face mask - even more so with a viricidal face masks like the Cradle ViralOff mask. And vitally the mask also prevents the spread to other people in close proximity to an unknowingly infected person.

The benefit to the wider public is significant which is why the BMA (British Medical Association) supports the continued use of face masks as a first line barrier to reduce the transmission of Covid pathogens."

So there you have it, whatever the official regulations say, it is still advisable that you and those around you continue to wear a fine filtration mask that has been fully tested and certified to meet FFP2 standards whenever you're in a non-ventilated area. We recommend the Cradle ViralOff mask to ensure maximum protection when travelling, shopping and in other crowded public places.