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Cradle launches UK's first subscription service for regular anti-viral face mask supply

Cradle Masks have launched the UK's first subscription service for anti-viral face masks. 

Now when you visit the Product page, you're given a choice between a one-time purchase or to subscribe and save. Subscribers save 30% on their first order and 20% on all subsequent orders. For our best-selling KN95 mask, normally retailing at £18.95, this means a huge saving of £5.54 on your first order, and unparalleled value and protection from Covid on the market. 

When clicking subscribe you'll then be able to choose how often you would like delivery. 

Keeping stocked up in masks is a new habit for all of us, but with Cradle's subscription service your anti-viral masks can easily get factored in to the household budget along with the toothpaste and loo roll. And no more running out of masks! 

Our subscription service runs for a minimum of three months, but after that you can stop at any time, no questions asked.

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