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Cradle launches its first washable cotton antibacterial face mask

After months of research and innovation, Cradle is proud to introduce the perfect anti-viral mask!

Cradle's new stylish, high spec protective reusable cotton mask has been created in response to months of mandatory mask wearing, and listening to what we do and don't want from these new constants in our lives. Available in all black, or two tone black and white, this new washable anti-virus mask looks and feels great while offering the best in protection in reusable masks. 

Firstly, fit. This mask fits perfectly, thanks to ergonomic contouring around both the nose and chin, plus an adjustable nose bridge for comfort and maximum seal.

Secondly, comfort. A unique central contoured support prop holds the mask away from your face which allows more space to breathe and also helps keep skin irritation to a minimum if you're having to wear your mask for a long time. The material closest to your face is anti-bacterial which also reduces irritation, while the inner layer is a soft hydrophilic cotton liner that draws exhaled breath away from the face and through the mask to prevent over-heating.

Thirdly, protection. There are three layers of material to keep virus particles away, and the outside is water-repellant which means that unlike most masks, these are still effective in the rain. There is a 'melt blown' filter in the middle that traps at least 98% of 0.3 micron particles, including virus-laden airborne saliva, bacteria, dust and pollen. Finally, the two latex-free straps are adjustable for a snug fit around any head size, so the mask won't ping off your ears, or slide down your face, like so many others.

You can wash this mask up to 30 times at 40C.

Available to buy in single packs at £15, here. Bulk discount of 20% when you buy 5 masks, and 20% off if you sign up to the newsletter. 

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